Provide all your students with equal opportunities to develop real-world skills and evaluate their career options.

Helping students understand the relevancy of their education can be difficult – especially when having a career feels like it’s off in the far distant future. However, research shows that exposing students to real-world experiences is effective in helping students find meaning in their academics. When students participate in work-based learning experiences, they have an easier time connecting the dots between today’s curriculum and their future-self, which leads to increased classroom engagement and graduation rates.

For school districts looking to offer students access to local real-world opportunities, it’s important to implement the right tools to help you successfully launch, and maintain an engaging work-based learning program. That includes ensuring accessibility for all students, removing barriers for local business partners, and providing visibility and opportunities for school-level educators to get involved and collaborate with the local industry.

Xello’s work-based learning (WBL) module provides school districts with an easy to use, integrated platform that helps you get your WBL program off the ground and into the hands of students and staff, while keeping your team organized as your program and partnerships grow.

An integrated experience to support all students

When work-based learning opportunities are entered into Xello, they’re integrated directly into your students’ exploration journey, alongside careers, schools, and majors. Without having to visit a school office, or login to a separate platform, students will have one-click access to local company profiles and opportunities from the platform they’re already using to research future options and create their goals and plans.

An example of a student’s explore options page

As students explore the full list of local opportunities, a number of filters help them narrow down their search to focus on opportunities most relevant to them. Students can search by company name, opportunity type, career cluster, or distance from their current location. Students are also able to narrow in on opportunities that are offered virtually if this is better suited to their needs. 

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An example of the filters students can use to find relevant opportunities

From their list of opportunity matches, students can click on a listing to dive deeper into the opportunity details and review the company’s profile to make sure they both align with their future goals and plans. Once they find an opportunity that’s a good fit, showing interest is as simple as pressing a request button.

An example of a virtual student opportunity

A collaborative approach to program management

District staff can see and manage all requests but school educators can also get involved and provide support with visibility and access to update the status of a student’s opportunity request. For the educator at your school, this simplifies the opportunity vetting process and ensures it’s a good fit for the student since they can review the student’s profile and message them directly in Xello. 

Educators can also access opportunities of their own, such as a guest speaker in the classroom, a volunteer opportunity at the school, or even an externship at a local company. Offering your educators opportunities helps school staff bring industry knowledge to their classrooms. The more awareness and encouragement a student has to explore the workforce, the more successful your work-based learning program will be. 

An example of the opportunities page in an Educator Portal

A centralized database to help you stay organized

Work-based learning administrators can rest easy knowing that their entire database is organized in one central location. Our WBL module lets coordinators quickly jump between their lists of companies, contacts, and opportunities so they can save time finding the information they need.

And adding and updating information is simple and straightforward. If an opportunity was pushed into the following semester, no problem – the WBL admin can quickly edit the opportunity date or hide it from the student’s view by changing the status to inactive until it’s ready to be posted. 

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An example of the opportunities table in the WBL Admin Workspace

Work-based learning administrators can stay organized with all student requests summarized in a simple table. At a glance, they can view each opportunity requests’ status and know exactly what needs to be actioned next – allowing for more time to focus on partner recruitment, site evaluations, and growing the program.

An example of the student requests table in the WBL Admin Workspace

Having all your work-based learning data in one place also makes it easier for administrators to monitor and track your program’s success. With the ability to export contacts, opportunities, and student requests, you’ll have the data you need to assess program engagement and demonstrate how you’re meeting state mandates.   

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