Success Starts by Choosing the Right Software

Picking the right program to prepare your students for college, career, and future success can feel like finding a needle in a hay-stack. An initial search may return several results, but which is the right fit for your staff, students, and schools?

In this free guide, you’ll learn exactly what to consider when looking for a high-quality college and career readiness program.

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    What’s Inside

    Never second-guess a software purchase again. Whether you’re just starting your research, evaluating your options, or thinking about switching from another program, this checklist will make sure you leave no-stone-unturned.

    You’ll get guidance on how to:

    • Review program features and benefits
    • Evaluate approaches to support and service
    • Ensure steps for a smooth implementation
    When we stacked our options up against each other, we realized that, while we’d save money with certain programs, we’d also be seriously compromising on the experience. The state, and our district, were investing a lot of time and effort into setting students up to succeed. If you’re going to make it a priority, you need a tool like this to help you do the job. Mike Wilson, Partner Facilitator/Trainer & Service Specialist for Wenatchee School District in Washington State

    About Xello

    We have over 20 years of experience helping schools prepare students for future success. From small districts to state-wide deals, we know what it takes to successfully implement and roll out a high-quality college and career readiness program.

    Our Education Consultants and Success Managers have state-specific expertise, and have helped compile this guide based on the questions they hear clients ask most.