Spark Student Curiosity About the Future

With Xello for Elementary, you’ll help your youngest learners develop a solid foundation for future success. They’ll formulate the building blocks of meaningful life and career development, setting them up for smoother transitions in school and life.

An Early Start on Becoming Future Ready

Engage every elementary student with content, experiences, and activities carefully designed to encourage age-appropriate career awareness and skills development.

  • Encourage Self-Discovery

    Students craft the story of who they are and what makes them unique, setting the groundwork for ongoing self-reflection.
  • Create Career Awareness

    Students discover a variety of careers and their associated skills and pathways to better understand the working world.
  • Build Future-Readiness Skills

    Students learn vital concepts for real-world readiness, helping to make the move from elementary to middle school a smooth one.

Develop More Self-Assured Students

Help your students gain critical self-knowledge to fuel their confidence. In Xello for Elementary, students record and reflect on their interests and skills to uncover their own abilities so they can confidently achieve their goals.


Excite Students About Their Future

Expand students’ horizons and show them all future possibilities. Careers come to life in Xello with easy-to-understand descriptions and discoverable facts, stories, and biographies.


Teach Age-Appropriate Skills and Knowledge

Teach students about the concept of future success in a fun and engaging way. Xello comes complete with ready-made lessons that capture students’ attention and deepen exploration.

  • Turnkey

    Say goodbye to hours of lesson preparation. Xello’s Lessons guide your students through the program and provide built-in activities aligned to developmental stages.

  • Self-Paced

    Ensure student success. Lessons in Xello are entirely self-paced, allowing students to rewatch videos or reread content so they can pick up where they left off.

  • Attention Grabbing

    Through story-driven missions, Lessons in Xello immerse students in interactive activities that build self-knowledge and teach planning principles.


Monitor Student Progress in Real Time

Reports and progress tracking for your elementary students are readily accessible from Xello’s Educator portal. You’ll know exactly where every student stands on their road to becoming future ready.

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Create Consistency Across Your District

Don’t let future readiness end with elementary. With Xello for Middle and High School, you’ll ensure students build on their work as they grow. They’ll have a seamless experience as they move to each stage, and you’ll have a single solution to help ensure their success.

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Future-Readiness Starts Now

With Xello for Elementary your students will get a modern, secure, and engaging experience that works on any device and aligns with state and national mandates.

  • Aligned to Local and National Standards

    Developed in partnership with educators, Xello aligns with elementary curricula and the ASCA Mindsets and Behavior standards.

  • Available on Any Device

    Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop — Xello lets elementary students explore the world of work anytime, and on any device.

  • Safe and Secure

    EdFi certified and a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, Xello uses the latest protocols to keep your student data safe and secure.

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